An essential guide to classical technique, note reading, chords, songs and pieces. Taught by Larry Ferrara.


Week One

Introduction to the course, course requirements and course specifications. Texts, grading, and other requirements.
Sitting, parts of the guitar, alternation, rest and free stroke, tuning, readhing the open strings, right and left hand symbols, strings symbols, arpeggios. Introduction to reading music and guitar tablature.

Video Lesson, No. 1
Text book reading pp. 1-10
Note Speller, pp. 1-8

Week Two

The Open Strings, Notes on the 1st string (E, F, and G), Introduction to the E, C and G7 chords, two hands together, e minor scale on the first string, More on note reading, the chromatic scale,  playing the Prelude in E minor, A Soalin,  and Streets of Laredo.

Video Lesson, No. 2
Text book reading pp. 11-13
Note Speller, pp. 9-11

Week Three

Notes on the second string (B, C and D), D, A7 and G chords, Root notes and I, IV and V chord progressions. Strum, chord, or Arpeggio accompaniment. Caribbean Air, Ode to Joy, Sur le Pont d'Vignon.

Video Lesson, No. 3
Text book reading pp. 14-18
Note Speller, pp. 11-15

Week Four

Notes on the third string (G, G# and A), A, C A7 and D7 chords, Arpeggio and planting techniques, D and A chord suspensions. The G major scale, Krieger Minuet, the blues chord progression.

Video Lesson, No. 4
Text book reading pp. 19-21
Note Speller, pp. 16-18

Week Five

More advanced reading, duets, A minor and D minor chords with their suspensions, G7, Cmaj7 chords, introduction to travis strum and travis pick, Dust in the Wind, Schumann Bagatelle, and Aura Lee.

Video Lesson, No. 5
Text book reading pp. 22-24, Ex. 1 & 2 on p. 24
Note Speller, pp. 19

Week Six

Notes on the fourth string (D, E and F),  the barre chord F, Am6th, Farruca, Romance pt. 1.

Video Lesson, No. 6
Text book reading pp. 25-27, Ex. 6 - 9
Note Speller, pp. 20-21

Week Seven

Notes on the fifth string (A, B and C), Alternating Bass/Chord Strum, moveable chords, review of Romance pt. 1, House of the Rising Sun.

Video Lesson, No. 7
Text book reading pp. 28-31, Ex. 20-22,  & Ex. 26
Note Speller, pp. 22-24

Week Eight

Notes on the sixth string (E, F and G), playing a pedal tone, music in two parts, Am7 and Bm7 chords, Leyenda.

Video Lesson, No. 8
Text book reading pp. 32-34, Ex. 27, & Ex. 29-31
Note Speller, pp. 25-27

Week Nine

Counting and playing faster notes, chord progression and the Latin strum to Rumba, review of Leyenda, start Russian Folk Song "Meadowland," completion of the first position, syncopation.

Video Lesson, No. 9
Text book reading pp. 35-37, Ex. 38, 40 - 42
Note Speller, pp. 28-29

Week Ten

Spanish Zambra, Introduction to Malaguena, Introduction to Vals by Bartolome Calatayud, review of all previously learned works.

Video Lesson, No. 10
Text book reading pp. 38-39, Ex. 44, Traditional Malaguena
Note Speller, pp. 30-31

Week Eleven

Review of Malaguena and Vals, Introduction to Carulli - Study in Am,

Video Lesson, No.11
Text book reading pp. 40-42, Ex. 45, 47, Study in A minor by Carulli
Note Speller, p. 32

Week Twelve

Final review of Vals, Malaguena, Study in A minor and completion of the Note Speller. Preparation for final performance.

Video Lesson, No. 12
Text book reading pp. 43-45
Note Speller, completed